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If your business is a B2B model, your marketing approach should be different from the textbook marketing strategy. B2B marketing involves building a valuable clientele to guarantee a lasting relationship with clients and the process of marketing is never instantaneous. Moreover, selling your product or service to businesses versus consumers has huge differences. Your B2B clients look at your reputation placed on the corporate brand and this is the single most important factor among other reasons. Your corporate brand is your relationship and reputation. So let’s find out what we can do for your business to earn this.

Inbound Methodology


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the combination of strategies, practices, and technologies to analyze your client data and manage the relationship. CRM systems let you organize all sales data, client information, and more. Our team will choose the best CRM option for your business, helping your team set up and provide training on how to use and optimize it. Once CRM is in place, you can start doing marketing automation and automate every small task.

Cold Email

Cold email may sound like an outdated marketing method. However, it is the best and proven marketing method for any B2B industry. Email marketing delivers an average of 4400% ROI. A cold email campaign is not really as simple as you expect. Do you always open and read all spam emails? We don’t and we think you won’t go through all those spam emails and reply to each of them. But would you open emails with subjects that include your name or company’s name on it? You can personalize the email subject, contents, and automate the follow-up emails with our system.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing social media among others. LinkedIn has now crossed Facebook as the most important B2B marketing platform. According to several studies, they suggest that traffic from Linkedin referral had the best and the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate amongst other social media channels. LinkedIn is the easiest way to find and contact your prospects and our team at Panta Marketing helps your business approach prospects in the most effective way.


Chatbots in businesses are growing exponentially with its automated, quick and efficient system in resolving customer inquiries. The interactive agent provides an innovative method for business owners to collect information and reduce overhead costs, while ensuring buyer-consumer relationship management. Automate, personalize and streamline to improve response rates and convert more visitors into real time buyers.

Let's Move On

The first step we need to take is for us to understand your needs. So give us a way to reach out to you or find out your marketing budget by using our Free Marketing Budget Calculator.