Jenn & Colin Real Estate Team are top real estate agents from Surrey, BC. They have been annual members of the Fraser Valley Medallion Club consistently performing in the top 5% of all realtors in the Fraser Valley. Jenn & Colin’s business was already established before we worked together. However, most of their success was being generated offline and Jenn & Colin wanted to expand their online presence as well.


To expand their online presence and reach new potential clients, SEO service was essential. Our SEO specialists built a successful strategy to have Jenn & Colin appear on the first page of Google from the keywords ‘South Surrey Realtor’ and ‘Sullivan Panorama.'

It only took 2 months to be on Google’s first page

‘South Surrey Realtor’ is a very competitive keyword with 850 searches/month

Retargeting Campaign



In the real estate industry, business transactions are never instantaneous. If you think about it, no one makes a decision to sell or buy a house within a few days. Typically, it takes around 1 to 2 months to make the final decision. Therefore, a retargeting campaign for Jenn & Colin’s team worked very effectively. When people began to search for homes and landed on their website, Jenn & Colin’s banner ads would follow their visited sites, leaving a positive, long-lasting impression.

Event Campaign Management

Every spring, Jenn & Colin hosts a community garage sale event. In 2019, our team was able to help Jenn & Colin promote this event through social media. This was completed by making an audience group to target specific people to increase participation and promote the event to the whole community.


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