What is a retargeting advertising campaign?

Retargeting advertising, also known as remarketing, is a way of connecting with people who previously used your mobile app or visited your website. On average, 98% of people who landed on your website do not complete your call to action (click your form, submit an email address or give you a phone call). Our retargeting campaign helps you to focus on that 98% of visitors. It is an effective and helpful strategy for all businesses as it helps you to keep your brand exposed to the audience that were not able to be converted. You can target users who have previously visited your website with banners ads on Google’s display networks across the web.

01 Potential customer

02 Visit your site

03 But leave without checking out!

06 Your potential customers turn into happy customers

05 Your ad recaptures their interest, and brings them back!

04 Later they surf the web

How is it tracked and how do I get charged?

Our web technicians are going to place a retargeting code on your website or application. The audience information is stored in cookies and you can retarget them with their IP addresses. You can target every visitor who visited your site or you can target only specific visitors who visited a certain page of your website. For instance, you can bring potential customers by targeting shopping cart abandoners or people who have spent time browsing on specific products. For retargeting campaigns, you will be charged for the number of impressions on your banner ads.

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