Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Most websites use a content management system (CMS) and for a good reason – a CMS allows you to create, manage and publish content in a convenient and accessible way. A CMS however, is not entirely useful if it does not optimize the content for search engine purposes. CMS and SEO go hand in hand in that a good CMS will have the necessary SEO features to display the content effectively in search results. The better the CMS, the higher the SEO ranking in search engines.


So what is the best CMS for SEO? This depends on a number of factors. First, to meet the basic requirements, a site must have the function for Google to crawl the page and analyze the content, in order for it to rank in search engines. Second, a proper CMS should possess the function to include important page elements such as title tag, meta tags, alternative tags, header tags and URL customization. Third, it is important to look at the technical SEO when choosing a CMS. Technical SEO includes page speed, page responsiveness, URL structure and more. With these key CMS factors in mind, the best CMS for SEO exists.



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Which CMS is the Best?

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS for SEO. Below are just a few of the many factors that help us understand why WordPress places at number one.



1. WordPress targets user experience

A positive user experience includes three aspects, whether the website is professional, user-friendly and appealing. A positive score on all three creates a user experience where visitors enjoy browsing through the website, want to stay on the site longer and therefore, decrease the bounce rate. WordPress offers a variety of themes and plugins that truly enhance the user experience. This is important because Google views sites that have a favourable user experience more highly on search engine rankings.


2. WordPress allows easy management of metadata

Metadata and SEO titles provide value for search engine crawlers to better understand what the site’s pages are about. The higher the relevancy in SEO titles and metadata to frequently searched keywords on search engines, the greater the website’s relevancy to the public and the higher the ranking on search engine results pages. WordPress has the option for numerous useful plugins such as Yoast SEO, which allow metadata to be added to all web pages easily for a more favourable outcome on search engine rankings.



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3. WordPress is optimized for mobile-users

Many sites are visited through mobile devices these days, making mobile-friendly sites that much more important. A non-mobile-friendly site has the potential to lose possible customers visiting through their phones or tablets, and decrease the number of mobile visitors. The advantage of WordPress is that WordPress websites are already optimized for mobile usage which creates one less thing to worry about.


4. WordPress does not slow down page speed

A slow load time only harms the overall SEO performance and lowers the ranking in search engine results pages. WordPress luckily, offers many plugins that help with maintaining appropriate page speed. Plugins vary in how they target the site’s load time. For example, there are plugins where images can be optimized and compressed to speed up the load time.


5. WordPress allows you to edit permalinks

Having random letters and numbers in permalinks are not exactly the most attractive and also do not help in SEO. WordPress provides the option to edit permalinks to create a more concise, relevant and informative URL while also plugging in keywords. Adding keywords into permalinks can help with search rankings and improve the site’s position on search engine results pages.



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There is a great amount of content management systems out there that each provide value in their own way. However, which CMS provides the greatest value? The answer is the one that provides the best SEO management and ranking. WordPress hits all the SEO requirements and has proven to be the best by many small and large companies. Ready to start designing or restructuring your website? Panta can help create a step-by-step plan to improve your SEO through WordPress.

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