Why Digital Marketing is Important for Realtors


We have entered the digital era where the majority of things are being done online – talking, shopping and even doing business. Technology has been modified so that these activities can easily be completed online. The digital world is not slowing down, which is why realtors must take advantage of this trend.



1. Digital Marketing is Cheaper than Print Marketing


Print marketing involves recurring costs which can result in huge investments that are not guaranteed to give a good return. What are the chances of ads being seen? Even if they are seen by a large audience, print marketing is an investment that is made for a one time exposure.


Generally, posting ads online do not incur costs and there are numerous sites that can be utilized to promote businesses. Sites that do cost money to post usually require fees due to their high website traffic which means greater results. Once ads are posted, they remain online for an indefinite time. Digital marketing campaigns are also much cheaper than print campaigns with a Facebook Sponsored campaign started at only $5.



2. Digital Marketing is Instant


Digital marketing has no time constraints. Digital marketing content can be uploaded and edited any time. This type of marketing allows for the freedom to post and manage marketing content so that it reaches the consumer instantly.





3. People Spend More Time Online


With an increasing number of options available, people are spending much more of their time online. Apps and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are being used by many marketers and consumers with 90% of B2C businesses reporting social media to be the most effective content marketing strategy. 



4. Real Estate = Numbers, Digital Marketing = Data


Real estate involves targeting the right client to make the right deal. In order to ensure agreements are made in the buying and selling of homes, it is important to identify client characteristics so that the process is more efficient. In digital marketing, data can be collected, such as the age, region, and interests, so that realtors can quickly narrow down possible clients and satisfy all parties involved.



5. Digital Marketing Can Be Automated


Marketing automation allows for digital marketing strategies to be implemented without having to manually press “send.” Tools such as chat bot and lead generation help in handling repetitive tasks in marketing campaigns, which lead to reduced human errors and more availability to tackle higher-order tasks. Automation tools can help realtors identify their audience to create the right content and schedule for maximum exposure.



6. Media Can Easily Be Presented


First impressions matter and graphic design is a great way to make a lasting impression. Graphic design allows for an additional appeal to the viewer with the more creativity, the greater the appeal. Creative content also helps businesses stand out from the rest and ultimately beat competitors. 



7. Digital Marketing Builds Brand Awareness


Today, everything is mostly done online. As a result, a brand that does not have a digital presence is not maximizing all opportunities to broaden its reach. Tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) have drastic effects on the online visibility of a brand. Utilizing these tools enables brands to expose their name and expand their audience base.



Nowadays, both the customers and competitors are doing business online. Realtors must take advantage of this new norm by taking their business online and establishing a digital presence. If you do not know how to launch your digital marketing strategy, contact us to get a head start!



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