Why Businesses Should Use Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has left many businesses in difficult situations. Many are losing revenue and clients, some are temporarily closing, and some are finding alternative measures to market themselves. One method that has seen a rise in popularity is taking some of the business online. With social distancing measures and many restrictions in place, shifting to the online world seems to be a reasonable and effective solution. Digital marketing has many components, however, one platform that has seen a tremendous rise in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic is social media.


Why is Social Media the Answer?


COVID-19 has left many people staying indoors with ample time for digital content consumption. People are streaming services, online shopping and spending extensive amounts of time on their phone. Video streaming has increased by 12%, web traffic has grown by 20%, and video game usage has gone up by 75% in a week after a quarantine was implemented. Digital media is the main source of communication for the majority of people, which makes it extremely beneficial to take advantage of this platform for marketing purposes. Moreover, with the increase in digital content consumption, an increase in digital content is being needed. This creates the opportunity for businesses to create the content that is needed to reach potential consumers who are actively searching for new material.


Cost-Efficient Alternative


The most important condition for many businesses during the pandemic is most likely mitigating risks, reducing losses and maximizing profits as much as possible. The great thing about social media marketing is that several aspects are essentially free. Factors like frequent posting, uploading stories, communicating with customers via comments or direct messages, and including hashtags to reach a more targeted audience require zero cost. If the use of a budget is available, social media can be beneficial in short time frames. One popular marketing strategy used through social media channels is partnering with influencers. Nowadays with the increase in popularity of social media, 63% of people trust influencers more than brands. With that being said, partnering with influencers that have mass followings not only reaches a large and diverse group of people, but also validates and legitimizes the brand. Working with influencers can vary in cost, however, considering other alternative marketing strategies and their outcomes, influencers can be a cost-efficient method.


Long-Term Growth


Social media is not just a one-time strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media marketing is an investment for the long run. Posting content now creates as much importance as other marketing strategies like SEO, ads, etc. and sets the groundwork for businesses to attract more consumers in the future. Social media marketing is a cohesive content strategy that complements other marketing approaches. Social media is a story-telling platform that creates a certain image for different profiles. Brands are allowed a voice to be more than just a brand and instead, share a story that can be resonated with their followers. Investing in social media now and creating that relationship with followers can have a significant impact on long-term growth.


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