SEO & Web Development
Google only loves you
when everyone else loves you first

Ever wondered why your own clothing e-commerce website never shows up when people search for clothes on google and why H&M’s website always pop up first and on top? Simply, H&M’s website has better SEO than yours. We all know nobody can beat huge corporation like H&M. But yet, we can still be #1 in search by focusing on your local area or distinguish your business by specific items. That is often enough to expand & grow your business.

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Process of SEO & Web Development

Panta Digital Marketing - Process of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Service

Step 1

Review Your SEO

We are manually reviewing your current website SEO by checking contents, traffics, coding structure and use of google tools.

Step 2

Decision Making

We are going to advise you whether your website needs to be upgraded or require a new website.

Step 3

Development and Implementation

We are going to build your own website or upgrade your current website with effective SEO structured website with SEO optimized contents.

Step 4

Engagement with PPC Marketing & Contents Marketing

SEO always requires consistent traffic & updated contents to maintain its results. Let us handle this flow for you.

Let's Move On

The first step we need to take is for us to understand your needs, So give us a way to reach out to you or find out your own marketing budget by using our Free Instant Quote Calculator.