Retargeting Ads: Recover Leads & Boost Sales

Who are the easiest people to sell to? People who are already interested in your products or services! This is why retargeting ads are effective.


If you haven’t heard of retargeting ads, you’ve probably already experienced them. Retargeting ads essentially use data collected from your behaviour on a website to target you and serve you personalized ads. If you’ve ever been shopping for running shoes, to later see advertisements for them on web banners or social media, you’ve been retargeted.


How Retargeting Ads Work

When you visit a website and are prompted to “accept cookies” you are giving the website consent to track you as you navigate it. The website is then able to serve you ads based on the decisions you made while going through the different pages. For example, if you are on a sporting goods store’s website browsing through ski and snowboarding accessories, you can then get served ads exclusively related to skiing and snowboarding accessories as they’ve tracked the specific actions you’ve taken on their website.



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Why Retargeting Ads Are Effective

Retargeting ads are extremely effective because they are highly targeted, personalized, and served at the right time with the right frequency. When ads have a general message and purpose, they fail to connect to the needs and wants of the audience. Retargeting ads do the exact opposite as they are entirely based on data that allow you to uncover the needs and wants of an individual customer. Retargeting ads also allow you to serve the right amount of ads, and time them effectively. For example, if you run a pizza restaurant it may be best to serve your retargeting ads right away with a high frequency to constantly remind a hungry customer of their favourite food. However, if you run a landscaping business your customers don’t need lawn maintenance every day, so you can choose to serve your ads on a more appropriate timeline. With retargeting ads, you can customize their timing and frequency to reach your customers at the most effective times, and control how much you expose them to your ads. 



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Tips to Launch Effective Retargeting Ads

Finally here are some tips to keep in mind when creating and launching your retargeting ads:


  • Keep copy short and snappy
  • Cater your copy and creative to your target audience
  • Make sure everything is legible, especially if you having overlapping text and images
  • Use a clear call to action (CTA)
  • Test out different copy and creative options, and optimize your ads based on their performance
  • Make sure your landing page is simple to navigate. Make it easy for your customers to find the information they’re looking for and purchase your products



Panta Marketing, digital marketing, retargeting ads



Approximately 75% of online shoppers abandon their carts. Not only is that a lot of lost sales, but the money you’ve spent on other marketing initiatives to get visitors to your website has also been lost as opportunity costs. Instead of working hard to market your business only to then lose sales when leads leave your website, you can recapture them with retargeting ads.


If you’re interested in maximizing your sales, remaining a top-of-mind organization in your industry, and recovering lost leads and potential customers, contact us today to launch a retargeting ad campaign.


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