Marketing Strategies to Watch Out for in 2021

2020 was definitely not what any of us were expecting with numerous changes having to be made in all areas of businesses, marketing being one of them. As we enter the new year, many businesses are looking for a change in marketing strategies to elevate their growth potential. An updated, in tune and specific marketing strategy can provide a significant advantage for businesses as they follow the expected trends that customers want to see. Take a look at the marketing strategies on the rise for 2021 below to start planning your own customized marketing strategy.




Personalization will be essential in 2021 especially due to the physical distance restrictions placed as a result of COVID-19. We learned in 2020 the troubles people faced from a lack of physical presence and contact as many businesses turned to online platforms. Switching to digital platforms does not mean businesses need to sacrifice the personalization aspect for their customers. Brands should focus on ways they can personalize their services and user experience for customers, particularly since a lot of the services will be done behind computer screens. Enhancing personalization will create a stronger connection between the brand and customers, and therefore increase customer loyalty in the long run.



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AI-Powered Solutions

As many aspects of business operations turn digital, AI-powered solutions will have a huge presence in 2021 and in the future. Softwares such as digital assistants or chatbots, can create a new way for customers to interact with brands while still providing consistent high quality customer service. These softwares also eliminate the need to have real-life humans provide services which systematizes tasks automatically, and creates more time for other duties. AI-powered solutions have also advanced significantly to analyze customers’ actions and searches for businesses so that they can interpret and construct personalized recommendations.



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Interactive Marketing

Keeping the audience engaged is one of the most crucial parts to marketing. Social media has taken a considerable leap in digital marketing with many customers turning to Facebook or Instagram pages to see useful content. Brands that hop on this trend and utilize their social media presence through interactive marketing will be able to provide their audience with something more than their competitors. Interactive marketing strategies such as contests, polls, surveys and games can be a great interactive tool to engage with the audience.



Video Content

Staying on the topic of social media, video content on social media platforms have taken the digital world by storm this past year. Videos on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook have seen an enormous growth in popularity and interest as many people turn to social media for entertainment. Videos offer a fresh approach to content and are an excellent way to engage with the community on a more fun, creative and deeper level. Many consumers see similar photos and posts from brands on a day-to-day basis, however video content provides something new and authentic that is specific to the brand. We recommend joining this trend by adding more videos as soon as possible to maximize the benefits.



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Let the new year come with new goals and strategies. Start the year off with a marketing strategy that can help elevate your brand and bring results. These four tips to developing a marketing strategy can drive your business forward to greater growth and better customer experience. If you are looking to grow your business with a customized marketing plan, contact us and let Panta help you achieve your 2021 goals.

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