How to Get Discovered Online Part 3 – Earning Leads With Digital Advertising

With Digital Advertising, you can be sure that your investment into discovery never goes to waste!


While the right organic marketing strategy can earn you a tonne of new business… They rely on an uncontrollable algorithm, which means you can’t control who you reach, and you run the risk of wasting your time. 


However, if you’re willing to invest into Digital Advertising, you can dictate exactly who your ads reach, so you can be sure that your investment into brand awareness and earning new leads pays off!


So, in the last part of our series on getting discovered online, we’ll be covering Digital Advertising, more specifically how you can use Social Media and Google Search Advertising to earn new leads.



Social Media Advertising

The first advertising tactic that we’ll be covering is Social Media Advertising.


If you’re looking to get discovered FAST, Social Media Advertising can be significantly more efficient than posting content and earning engagement organically. This is because advertisements are directly delivered to your target audience, and placed on their Facebook or Instagram feeds… While on the other hand, organic social media posts rely on an algorithm, which means that you are essentially taking a chance on reaching your target audience.


For example, let’s say that you own a Japanese restaurant. If you wanted to get discovered online organically, then you would need to consistently post high-quality content over an extended period. And, once complete, all you can do is hope that the algorithm pushes your posts to your target audience.


But with Social Media Advertising, the opposite occurs. Instead, you would only need a single piece of content as opposed to multiple. And, to reach your target audience, you can simply set up targeting parameters so your ads are directly delivered to your ideal customer’s social media feeds.


So, if you wanted to promote your restaurant’s winter specials, here’s how it would work. Let’s say that you’re offering all ramen and udon noodle soups at a 20% discount, and that your ideal customers are in the immediate surrounding area. 


In this case, you would need the following:


  • 1 graphic that features your promotion’s details 
  • 1 version of promotional text to accompany the graphic
  • A list of interests to target. Ex, Asian cuisine, Japanese Culture, International Cooking, etc.
  • Geographic requirements. Ex, 20 km around the restaurant


Once you have everything that you need, all you have to do is launch your ad, and you can start reaching your ideal audience in an instant.


While advertising comes at a cost, there are also a tonne of benefits that you can take advantage of. By opting to earn leads through a Social Media Advertising Campaign, you can take control over who you reach, avoid wasting time, and start earning leads FAST. 





Google Search Advertising

The second advertising method that we’ll be covering is Google Search Advertising.


In comparison to some of the other Digital Marketing tactics that we’ve covered so far, Google Search Advertising can be best for businesses that offer a niche product or service, especially if their leads typically come from a cold Google search. This is because it can be significantly more challenging to market your business when you offer something that only appeals to a specific demographic, or your products and services are only used in very specific cases. As the name suggests, these ads target people based on the keywords of what they Google, and they appear as sponsored website suggestions at the top of a Google search results page. 


Let’s say that you offer guard dog training, specifically in Surrey, Burnaby, and the Tri-Cities. In instances like this, not only would your business have a narrow target market, but the service that you offer would only be needed or searched for during a small window of time. Because of this, some of the marketing options that would typically help your business get discovered, including the tactics mentioned in part one and two of this series, can be quite inefficient. 


For example, if you wanted to earn new leads through social media organically the algorithm could have a challenging time finding an appropriate audience to push your posts to, even if you post on a consistent basis.


On the other hand, if you wanted to earn new leads through Social Media Advertising, you may be able to target dog owners, but it can be challenging to isolate dog owners who are also specifically interested in training.


However, with Google Search Advertising, you can overcome these challenges thanks to keyword targeting! For example, with keyword targeting, you can target dog owners, and isolate those who are actively searching for guard dog training. To do this, you would need to ensure that “guard” is a part of all of your target keywords. For example:


  • Guard dog training near me
  • Local guard dog training
  • Guard dog school Surrey
  • Best guard dog trainers in Vancouver


By ensuring that “guard” is in each of your targeting keywords, you can cut out dog owners who are only in the market for typical obedience training, so that your Google Search Ads are exclusively shown to those that have demonstrated a specific interest in what you offer.


Finally, by combining this with geographic targeting, you can set your campaign to specifically target people who live in Surrey, Burnaby, and the Tri-Cities. That way, if someone living in Richmond makes a Google search related to guard dog training, your ad won’t appear, and you won’t waste your budget advertising outside of your target market.


So, if you have a niche business, you need to consider Google Search Advertising! Unlike the other Digital Marketing tactics we’ve already covered, Google Search Ads give you the unique ability to keyword target, allowing you to precisely reach your desired audience.





In conclusion, in the final part of our series on getting discovered online, we covered two digital advertising tactics, Social Media Advertising and Google Search Advertising. In particular, we broke down how each form of advertising gives you the power to dictate and control who you reach, and how each form of advertising comes with its own unique set of advantages.


So, now that we’ve broken down multiple marketing tactics that you can use to earn leads online, you should have the foundation to launch one or multiple marketing campaigns to build your business… 


But, if you would rather leave your Digital Marketing up to a team of experts, you can always contact us, to learn more about our Lead Generation services.