How to Create Consistency in Marketing

Everyone always says ‘Consistency is key’ but how important is this really in marketing? Consistency in marketing refers to the maintenance of a consistent tone in the voice and message of your business across all channels of communication. When people see inconsistent flow of information, they begin to question the brand’s reliability which ultimately affects the brand’s growth potential. Allowing for any open room for flaws in marketing strategies can harm the business’ ability to develop trust among its customers. Although creating consistency can seem like a simple act, it can get tricky. A great deal of consideration and planning is required, but it is definitely worthwhile in the long run. Check out the following tips on creating consistency in marketing.


Consistency with Branding

If you look at some of the world’s largest brands like Starbucks, Apple, Google and Coca Cola, you may have noticed that regardless of where their brand is shown, it is always consistent. No matter where you are or what platform you are using, the visual message from these brands is always the same. Starbucks, for example, has great branding that remains consistent throughout all four seasons around the world. With specific colours used depending on the season, in addition to their traditional green, black and white, Starbucks is able to maintain brand consistency. 



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An important marketing strategy when it comes to branding is developing brand guidelines. Brand guidelines indicate the mission, value, personality, message and visual elements of the business. By developing brand guidelines, it becomes much clearer for businesses to follow these pre-established instructions on how to present the brand. These in turn, become the brand’s marketing strategies across all platforms at any given time which increase brand recognition and helps in creating a more memorable appeal. 


Consistency with Content

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is maintaining consistency with content. As consumers’ needs and interests are constantly changing and new trends arise, it is easy for businesses to try to incorporate as much new and appealing content as possible. However, by mixing new ideas with the current business’ image, the brand’s message may not always be consistent. Consumers are exposed to a vast array of content everyday but how do businesses stand out from one another? Businesses that keep consistent content have the advantage of building long-term brand awareness that helps consumers recognize what a specific brand looks and feels like. Content consistency as a result increases brand loyalty and revenues by providing consumers with the same reliable experience whether they are new or returning customers.


Consistency with Corporate Culture

An important element of consistency in marketing that is easily overlooked is corporate culture or internal branding. As marketing focuses on external factors such as presenting a certain image for customers, many businesses forget about their employees and how members of the company can affect marketing consistency. Showcasing the brand on online channels is important, but what employees say and think about the brand is highly influential. Before executing marketing strategies, ask yourself ‘Do my employees share the same values and advocate the same message as the brand?’ After all, the employees are the ones that create the content so their views must align with the brand’s message.



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Before your brand grows, reflecting and strategizing on your brand’s consistency in marketing is extremely valuable. As options for marketing expand and communication methods rise, experiencing some confusion in your business’ consistency can become harder to avoid. By establishing a strong awareness of your brand’s marketing strategy, not only will your business grow but your customers will be thankful. Consumers want to see consistent content so that their choices will be valid. Provide a strong core for reliability of your brand by focusing your efforts on a well-built brand image. If you would like to learn more on how you can create consistency in your marketing, contact us today!

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