Email marketing works, if with CRM
Turn your cold database to your hot sales

Did you know the easiest lead generation campaign can be done through your current clientele? Or are you even fully utilizing your clientele and converting them into your revenue? Email is the traditional marketing tool which is also the most efficient. Email marketing delivers those personal touches unlike other online marketing tools. And CRM - Customer Relationship Management tools make it automated and easy. No more pens & notes or Excel sheets to follow up. Make everything automated.

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Process of Email Marketing & CRM

Panta Digital Marketing - Process of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Service

Step 1

Client List Analysis

Let’s analyze your current clientele, then by using CRM Software, build your own database which is a full list of your current clientele.

Step 2

Customize Your CRM

CRM only works properly when it is tailored to your business. We make your own business system & pipelines.

Step 3

Automated Email Blast

Everyone knows there are no shortcuts to do this but Panta makes this easier and more efficient.

Step 4

Connect Your CRM with Email Blast

It’s automated. You do not have to update all new clients to your email list.
No hassle guaranteed.

Let's Move On

The first step we need to take is for us to understand your needs, So give us a way to reach out to you or find out your own marketing budget by using our Free Instant Quote Calculator.