Can Instagram Help My Business?

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Whether you are a social media user or not, you have probably heard of the online app, Instagram. Instagram has taken the digital world by storm and there are clear reasons why you need to hop on this trend. From personal brands and small businesses to large corporations, Instagram has become just another way to market your company. Still unsure about incorporating this strategy into your marketing plan? Take a look at our top 5 points to be convinced.



1. Instagram is a Form of Storytelling


With so many things becoming automated these days there lies a lack of authenticity and genuinity. People look for something real and human, and since Instagram is centred on being completely natural and organic, people are heavily absorbed in the content. Utilizing this capability for your business is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase who you are as a brand in the voice, tone, and attitude that you desire. Share your business’ events, successes, employees, and more news as a story through Instagram. This is a great method to develop an emotional connection with your audience while ensuring your ultimate goal of exposing your brand is being achieved.



2. Visual Content is Key to Marketing


Graphics are an amazing way to grab people’s attention. With visual posts creating 650% higher in engagement than text only posts, taking advantage of Instagram’s visual platform will definitely appeal to your audience. Pictures can convey just as strong of a message as text – you can convey an emotion, a message, highlight important data, and more with a single picture. Why not use this opportunity to do just that while also increasing traffic to your site? Moreover, with visual content having a greater effect on the audience than regular text, you have the chance to engage with your followers, again making that connection that may be difficult purely through your website.



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3. A Lot of People Can Be Reached


Instagram has a great feature of including hashtags in posts. With 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, the app offers huge potential for businesses to expose their name. Adding relevant hashtags on posts allow you to reach out to your target audience and the large amount of people searching for those exact hashtags. This simple yet effective addition to your Instagram habits can create a drastic difference to your results.



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4. Instagram Allows for Community Engagement


We mentioned how people these days are looking for something human. Instagram has beat Facebook and Twitter for having the highest average engagement rate. Instagram followers are very active through likes, comments, and stories. By replying back to your followers, you can start conversations and engage with your audience, but most importantly create a brand image showcasing that you care about your customers. Real engagement, not automated engagement, is so important for businesses to develop real sales and loyal customers.



5. You Can Easily Keep Up with Your Competitors


Instagram is a public app which allows you to be aware of what your competitors are doing. If you are in need of some inspiration or want to do industry research on actions that will help grow your business, keeping an eye out for competitors’ Instagram pages is a great way to get some creative flow. If you are ever curious about how other businesses are managing their pages and expanding their online presence, check out their accounts to easily discover some new insight.



Instagram has developed into such an important factor in running a business that it has in some way become a necessity. So what’s stopping you now? Take advantage of this FREE platform and expand your business today! If you are not yet confident in maintaining an active Instagram page, contact us and our social media specialists will help you start your Instagram journey.