Are Newsletters Still Important and Effective?

The answer is Yes.



Many people say newsletter marketing is dying and not as effective anymore. However, that is not the truth. Newsletters are surely still important and effective today. There must be a reason why businesses still spend time to send newsletters to their clients. Many argue that social media marketing is more effective and in some cases, it may be. However, with a combination of email marketing and social media marketing, you’re marketing strategy might thrive. 


Newsletters are still a powerful marketing tactic in 2019. 





Email newsletters are an affordable marketing tool compared to other online marketing strategies such as social media advertisement, online banner ads, PPC ads, and more. There is numerous email marketing software that offers email newsletter templates to provide visually stunning newsletters. Newsletters are great to inform your audience with news, products, and services in a presentable package. Email marketing has an ROI (Return On Investment) of around 4400% proving that it’s worth it. With the right content and design, the open rates are bigger than you think. 


Great For Small Businesses


If you don’t have a huge marketing team to execute your email marketing campaigns, you don’t have to worry. Creating newsletters and sending to your audience isn’t very complicated as you think it is. With the power of the Internet, there are diverse email marketing tools and templates to help you create your desired newsletters. Providing special deals or sneak peeks to your newsletter subscribers are a great way to encourage sales from your customers. Of course, bigger businesses can benefit from newsletters too! 



Personalized & Targeted Communication


Newsletters and emails are easy and great personalized communication a business can provide to customers. Simply including their names in the subject line with a call to action can increase the open rate. People love personalized emails because it makes them feel special. One email marketing strategy that I can provide is to always include a landing page through a button, image, or more. The click-through rates will definitely increase with this tip!


Encourages Feedback


For a business to grow, they must receive feedback from their customers, whether it’s positive or negative. It helps to discover where you can improve or know what you’re doing good. When sending out a newsletter, you can include a section to provide feedback from customers. It can be a link to write a review, a rating on their experience, and more. You can also gather their reviews, testimonials and share it on your website. 


Although many people think newsletters are dying and not effective anymore, statistics prove that it’s still relevant. Newsletters and email marketing are a great tool to reach your target audience and get customers engaged with your brand. If newsletters are not working for your business, it may be because of how you structured it. Try to be creative and think about what your customers would want to see. Also, make sure your newsletters are mobile-friendly ūüôā


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